Women’s reproductive rights ~ Necessary information for political activists, but graphic & disturbing – not for those under 18, pregnant or planning to have a baby

by faithgibson on May 28, 2023

NOTE – graphic content below is necessary information for political activists working to restore  women’s reproductive rights.

However, it should not to be read by adolescents and anyone who is pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, or just don’t want to deal with upsetting things that you can’t do anything about!

Ancient burial site that uncovered remains of a maternal and neonatal death with full term fetus still in the mother’s pelvis

It can’t get much worse . . .

This is what often happens when decisions about the care of an individual pregnant woman are not being made by her in conjunction with a personal professional healthcare provider.  Instead her own personal decisions about what is best for her have been superseded by mostly male state legislatures who codified the personal and religious opinion into laws that are subsequently enforced by mostly male judges.

The kind of nightmare you never wake up from!

Should a fetus be slowly dying from a fatal birth defect, or the mother has a twin pregnancy in which one of the two fetuses is dying, the terminally ill fetus must be immediately aborted, or the other twin and its mother are at risk of dying from a massive and fatal infection.

If the “water breaks” prematurely, which frequently follows repeated vaginal exams to assess the obstetrical situation, the mother will eventually develop a life-threatening infection in her uterus and fallopian tubes. This very often makes it virtually impossible for her to ever become pregnant again.

If she has a MRSA (drug-resistant) infection, she may develop necrotizing fasciitis. The drugs necessary to save her life also close down the smaller blood vessels, which blocks the normal circulation of oxygenated blood to the patient’s arms and legs. As a result, gangrene develops in all four limbs, requiring a quadruple amputation. In spite of such drastic and last ditch interventions, this pregnant woman may still go to septic shock and die.

Life-threatening allergies to antibiotics or MRSA-resistant infections

For a childbearing woman who lives in a state that bans all abortions based on the Dobbs decision, this is what you face — no MD, no hospital administrator, and none of their lawyers — would ever permit one of their doctors to provide the life-saving care these women needs when the water breaks before 24 completed week of pregnancy and the non-viable fetus is not aborted before the mother develops a potentially fatal sepsis.

Remember this all started with something very simple — a pregnant woman’s water break before her fetus is viable.

This reminded of the expression:

for want of a nail the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost

In this case for want of a medically-necessary termination of pregnancy, a mother’s life or limbs will be lost.