OB Interventions: Dubious or Detrimental

The five most important dangers of childbearing

by faithgibson January 18, 2018

The five most important dangers of childbearing have much less to do with the biology of normal childbirth, and far more to do with historical age one was born into and the physical, social and political barriers of geography, economics, social prejudice, and mental health problem The historic danger of childbearing was to live before […]

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Five-part historical series on the new American speciality of obstetrics & gynecology ~ 1900 to 1950s

by faithgibson April 9, 2017

This post includes links to 5 documents with historical quotes on different topics by obstetricians and professional journals during the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950s). These sources are describing the political and public relations campaign by obstetrical profession starting in 1910 to eliminate the practice of midwifery, and replace physiologic childbirth practices traditionally used […]

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Designing better systems to document refusal of interventions by laboring women; addressing subsequent staff disapproval of these patients & their birth attendants

by faithgibson March 1, 2017

PubMed abstract Synopsis & the study’s take-home message: This peer-reviewed study by the Australian College of Midwives describes a plan by hospitals to create a formal documentation process for informed consent/decline conversations when childbearing families refused standard intrapartum protocols or interventions believed necessary by the staff. Take-home message #1: The study found the new and more robust method […]

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The Story I hate to tell & no one should have to hear: 2nd half of the Overview

by faithgibson May 5, 2016

  Second half of Overview The bad old days Since 1840, there have been three well-defined, decades-long episodes in which many individuals and groups within the obstetrical profession systematically used, taught and propagated the continuation of poor obstetrical practices that were directly responsible for a substantial increase in maternal mortality and other forms of serious harm […]

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The story I hate to tell: the dark history of obstetrics ~ the data (part 7)

by faithgibson March 10, 2016

Link back to part 6 Continued part 7 ~ Source material – ObGynNews – on the dramatic increased in placental abnormalities and its association with our sky-rocketing Cesarean section rate:   The following quotes are from the professional trade paper ObGynNews. This publication is the obstetrical equivalent of the Reader’s Digest, in that it is a digest of […]

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