Citation Subdirectory ~ original references to material used in OPEM & links to quotes organized by topic

by faithgibson on December 19, 2018

This subdirectory includes a key to the original material (primary sources and other references). Most (but not all) can be found online. In addition, this subdirectory has links to quotes organized by topic about the general  .

Citation Key — Historical and Contemporary References

The Key ONLY identifies the original source — see topical links below  for quotes and longer excerpts.

Contributions of Midwives of Antiquity to the Art and Science of Modern Medicine

Comments by Physicians about Midwives and Midwifery – 1911- 1932

Clinical Material — the major motive for the Elimination of Midwives by Medical Politicians

Controversies and resistance by doctors to the Formal Training of Midwives

Deadly Trio — Misogyny, Midwifery & the “Morale” of Medical Doctors

Derogatory Statement about Midwives by the Medical Establishment 1881 – 1925

Domiciliary Maternity Care – early 1900s — also called “Outdoor Services”
hospital and medical school affiliated, superior safety stats to “in house” services

Economic Issues — Arguments by Physicians against Independent Midwives

Historical Methods  of Accountability for Midwives by Health Department Official VS. Mandatory Supervision of Midwives by Doctors

Pursuing an Anti-Midwife Legal Agenda ~ restrictive licensing and laws that made illegal for midwives to practice

@Nursing, Midwifery and the Medical Profession 1911 through 1922

@Tension and Controversies Surrounding Physician Education and its relationship with the establishment of Training Schools for Midwives

@Propaganda Campaign against Midwives — the Department of Dirty Tricks

@Professional Aspirations and the Irrational Rationales of Medical Men

@Statistical Comparison of Birth Attendants (Physician and Midwife) and the Validation of the Midwifery Model of Care


Historical and contemporary comments by physicians about midwives ~ 1820 to 2014

Famous obstetrician, Dr. Joseph DeLee ~ 1936 cover of Time magazine

These historical and contemporary quotes by were made by doctors about midwives over the course of the last 2 centuries on a topic referred they referred to as “the midwife problem”.