Index for a 7-part series on Dr. J. Whitridge Williams: Inventor of “elective hospitalization” for healthy maternity patients as ‘paying customer’ ~ the Book, the Plan, the enduring impact of his 1914 book that normalized the use of Twilight Sleep drugs

by faithgibson on October 17, 2018

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Note from the author:

My original series on Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ 1914 book “Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth” was first posted my me in 2010. I expanded after i saw the movie about the Washington’s Post publication of Pentagon Paper (The Post w/ Tom Hanks) and reposted the expanded series earlier this year.

However this broke the series into two part and made numbering system even more complexity, with Part I a, b, c, and d, Part 2-a, b, c- etc.

This was so hard to follow that Several readers asked me to make the navigation easier, this time So I numbered each successive post 1 thru 7. I did indicate the end of the historical background (1-t0-4)  and the contemporary commentary (5, 6, and 7).

As the “Idiot-savant” in the history of American obstetrics from the late 19th to now, I have after much thought concluded that our obstetrically top-heavy and unproductively expensive system can never to fixed as long as the history of how the obstetrical profession in the US became an 800-pound gorilla, with a legal and economic monopoly over all childbirth services.

@@@ edit line –> becomes common knowledge and a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is established to right these historical wrongs and goin forward, to develop a new system for the 21st century providing maternity care to healthy childbearing women that is based on the the art and science of physiological childbirth as the standard of care for this population, a system that primary. This  for with midwives and family practice physicians as the providers of those services

Happy reading and if you think this information should be more widely known

Historical of Obstetrics ~series #1 ~

1. Introduction to Dr. Williams’s the book: Twilight Sleep: Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth, published 1914

2. The Dream, the Motives, the Methods & Enduring Impact of 1914 book “Twilight Sleep ~ Simple Discoveries in Painless Childbirth ~ by famous American obstetrician ~

3. Dr. J.W. Williams: Part 1-b ~ Inventing the Economic Engine for America’s private and corporate-owned Hospital System

4. Dr J. Whitridge Williams: Part 1-C Elective Hospitalization ~ the basic economic unit for engine for America’s private system of hospitals

5. Dr. J. Whitridge Williams: part 1-D ~ Selling his odd ideas about childbirth to the public & philanthropists

Comparison between The Pentagon Papers

6. Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ Little Book & the Pentagon Papers: Part 2-a ~ Intro ~ profound harm introduced by Twilight Sleep & Genera Anesthesia

7.  Dr. J. Whitridge Williams’ Little Book & the Pentagon Papers: Part 2-b Numbers don’t lie


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