Video Archive ~ subdirectory to 8 categories of interesting, funny and informative topics

by faithgibson on August 11, 2015

Best Video Links – Ted Talks, YouTube, Childbirth U, etc

Eight different categories of videos to choose from

Childbirth Politics — funny & serious videos for a general audiance

Outreach to Ca LMs ~ info on MBC & Midwifery Council meetings, LMAR, educational topics, political activism

Healthcare issues — many problems with maternity care and midwifery are systematic 

Videos ~ Hospital births from YouTube videos of births — many are very disturbing

Faith’s video essays

Non-medicalized, OOH/PHB

Big-picture Midwifery Politics

Fun, weird, happy, miscellaneous

1. Birth with original sound track


My final video project for Stanford Continuing Studies
Video Editing Course, Winter 2016